Why girls don’t say « I love you » first?

IMG_3670I do wonder what’s in girl’s mind! She met me by a coincidence later just after a couple of months. She tried to look away once I caught her staring at me. She made several attempts to talk with me by asking what the time was while she had her phone in her hand. She kept her face down or looked away from me while talked with me. She shot several pictures of me, and asked what my facebook was and said it’s in the purpose of sending the pictures.

After few weeks contact, I have been invited for her niece’s birthday, her brother’s birthday, her friend’s birthdays.. My face is scanned everytime I talked. She always tries to make en eye contact and smile. Jealousy reveals from her face when other girls says sth good about me. She gets angry when someone says sth bad about me. She looks very uneasy when she finds that I am not happy. She tries to apologize with her eyes and facial expressions, even it was not her fault. She asks her friends to watch over me that whether I am dating out with some body. She tries going the same road which I used to go. She loves me! Why can’t she just tell?

My mum says that a girl doesn’t tell me she loves me first is because she is afraid I will reject those feelings and want to break up. She doesn’t have enough information to scan to the best answer. She shows other gestures that she is interested than she waits to know if I feel the same way. She feels insecure about how exactly I feel and she does not want scare me off. Girls are nervous beings. They urge to say it, just like guys  do (perhaps), but they don’t ever know when the time is right.
Girls, it is okay to tell someone that you love him/her. Don’t be afraid! Get it or lose it! It’s your choice!!



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