Do you believe in humans?

In Cambodia, everyone has a human story to tell. But do you believe in humans? Do you believe that humans exist? What do you think about them? Do you have a human story that happened to you? Have you ever spent the night in the woods? Alone? In the middle of nowhere? Some may argue... Lire la Suite →


Phnom Penh, city of imagination

It's a small city, in a small country, for small people (well, we are not so tall). Among those who've seen it in person, the conclusion is  Phnom Penh is the city of imagination, and the only one that can truly be described as unique. Its magical scenery is fascinating and breathtaking at first sight.... Lire la Suite →

Lao Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, there was a man with long legs that can walk very far, big hands that can grab a lot of things, big stomach that can eat a lot, giant brain that is so ambitious, and a huge penis that can make lots of babies. He lived in South East Asia. Unfortunately, he died in the young... Lire la Suite →

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