Lao Fairy Tale

IMG_2d063Once upon a time, there was a man with long legs that can walk very far, big hands that can grab a lot of things, big stomach that can eat a lot, giant brain that is so ambitious, and a huge penis that can make lots of babies. He lived in South East Asia. Unfortunately, he died in the young age. Once the news spreaded, everyone wanted his body.  So they came and took some part of his body to their countries. China got his legs, that’s why Chinese is everywhere around the world. Vietnam got his hands that’s why Vietnam grabs their neighboring countries. Thailand got his head that’s why Thai fight with its neighbors for the border. Laos got his stomach that’s why Lao eats everything and a lot. And Cambodia got his penis that’s why Cambodian population triples in just few years (Laos and Cambodia used to have the same number of population 1982).


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