How to forget someone you love so much?

Sometimes things are meant for someone else

Deleting someone from your mind isn’t an easy target like deleting their pictures. We are not robots and we certainly will remember the person we used to love.  But the problem isn’t about remembering the person but can’t stop these thoughts from growwing, wishing her/him was here and thinking of the possibility of getting her/him back.

When people lose hope in getting something that they really wanted they usually become depressed and stressed which leads to comitting suicide.

I think you understand the feeling. The feeling that you love someone who may have loved you once upon a time or you loved someone deeply who loved you deeply and then this person just switched off and hurt you in ways that were unimaginable. To be honest, I have tried many things to forget that person. I have dated lots of people. I stopped keeping in touch, no phone calls, no re-reading our old messages. But these don’t help me. You have any clue to help me?


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  1. Dating other people while you’re still feeling like that doesn’t help. You need to pass the phase of sorrow, to try to rationalize why did you break up, why that person wasn’t good for you and why you weren’t good for them. Try to concentrate on yourself, try to think why is your life good now as it is. If you don’t like it, try to change it with simple things, think how you can improve yourself, take a course of some language, dance, sport, something where you’d feel good about yourself and your life right now. All my unsuccessful relationships pushed me to be kind to my self and to improve myself, and here I am, in another country, living my dream 🙂

    1. It’s easy to say! But the action isn’t a piece of cake! I take class everyday, dance, language, I do sport, I travel, I think of myself more then I used to,.. I may try your example – living in overseas. Thank you so much..!!

      1. Well, did you rationalize? 😀 But I gave you my example which doesn’t mean that it should work with you too. I didn’t come here to live because I wanted to escape from something, I think you’d be disappointed if you leave just for that… Like I said, I think you’re still in phase when you need to be sad, let yourself work on those emotions and then try to move on 🙂

          1. By rationalize I mean think about all the facts objectively, if that person doesn’t love you anymore, for example, there is no point of thinking how to get them back…

            I think you only need to hope to move on, how quick, it’s not important 😀

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