Can I wear an underwear on an airplane?

1048036_10151736701818489_654717345_oMy dad lives in Phnom Penh, and mum lives in Sihanoukville (beach). I live with them both. This means I often (must) go to live with one of them twice a week at least. When I was a bit younger, I even went twice per day. The airplane in Sihanoukville is few minutes walk from the beach. So; while waiting for the flight, beach becomes my lobby. Actually I just pull a short shorts over my bikini. The flight is only 15minutes directly from the beach to Phnom Penh. I have no luggage, just my ID card bag. On the plane, I am offered blankets to keep warm, since airplanes are air conditioned . I wonder if I could wear my beach underwear on the airplane since it’s very close and I am still offered blankets anyway?  An other thing is I also want to show off my outfit body with my expensive Cambodian hand-made brand bikini (That’s why we buy that expensive underwear, right?).

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