Death fell in love with Life.

12615385_10153979049208489_6174470210561237054_oOnce apon a time, there was a Death lived alone in a forest far far away. He was very happy to bring lives to death. One touch from Death, nothing can survive, not even flower. In the same forest, there was a girl who lived alone. Girl never sees Death .And Death never meets girls either. One day, while the girl was sleeping, Death saw her. Death looked at her face and fell in love. Death forgot everything and spent hours/days/weeks hiding in the bush to watch her. He saw her playing around with other animals, he saw her eats, runs, sleeps.. The more he looked, the more he fell in love.

After months, the girl accidentaly saw Death. She fell in love with Death too. They both talked, laughed, played with each other. The girl made umbrella for the Death to protect the sun, so Death could walk under the sun. Death protected girls from other cruel animals. They both loved each other.  One day, girl asked Death to hold each other’s hand for once, even she knew she would die afterwards. Death didn’t agree at first, but since girl insisted; he agreed. The girl died while holding Death’s hand. She was very happy. For the love, just holding hand for once in a life time is enough!

« Everyone says love is blind. But I say  life is blind without love »


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