I wish there is an earthquake..! So that my school is destroyed and I don’t need to go to school anymore!!!

Dear brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, friends,   I apologize for my silliness of wishing an earthquake strikes my school. It's cruel. How could I think of that..! I have been blind by laziness for once, which result a bad thinking. Please forgive me! I promise that I would never ever ever think of it again.... Lire la Suite →


Cambodia fits your personality?

Cambodia is small and beautiful with lots of bizarre things to do and explore, and there’s absolutely no reason why you should live and die in the same place where you were born. Now let's take a quick test to find out if Cambodia fits you best: During the lunch break, Cambodian prefer drinking ice tea... Lire la Suite →


I live in the most peaceful period in human history. It's the best moment to live a life on the planet. Never before have so few people fight each other. Most people want harmony.  The world is working very hard together to keep each other fed and safe. I live in the most educated, literate... Lire la Suite →


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