Cambodia fits your personality?


Cambodia is small and beautiful with lots of bizarre things to do and explore, and there’s absolutely no reason why you should live and die in the same place where you were born.

Now let’s take a quick test to find out if Cambodia fits you best:

  1. During the lunch break, Cambodian prefer drinking ice tea or fruit shake. After work, a glass of wine is preferable.
  2. Cliffy coastal with tropical beach is often chosen for the weekend holidays.
  3. The favorite hobbies are a bit various. Cambodian may love going out on the town for drinks and dancing, or biking around the city or having a good book at the historic monuments.
  4. What opic are you most passionate about? Art? Philosophy? These are Cambodia.
  5. Artistic and fun describe Cambodia perfectly.
  6. Going to the rooftop party and having deep conversation about everything appeal the activities of Cambodian.
  7. If you could describe life in one phrase, what would it be? Life is an art, life is a journey?

Cambodian aren’t an individual or isolated type. They love being with friends or family talking about their difficulties, life, love. They enjoys the finer things in life, and love to surround themself with beautiful things. Cambodian give a deep appreciation for urban architecture. Cambodian would perhaps be described as a modernist, who appreciates culture and diversity, but enjoys the comforts of a simple decorated home and green living open space.


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