People who talk to themselves are genious

13254897_10154308788338489_984063975006541879_oI have been to France once. I have seen a lot of people who talk to themselves on the streets, especially in Paris. I, first, thought they were crazy. But then I accidentally found that  experts had discovered that a conversation with yourself can be a route to achievement and success. « Why thinking outloud is usefull? We start to think faster.A conversation with yourself helps you concentrate.Saying to your thoughts out loud helps you to put them in order. Talking to yourself both calm you down and energize you. »I followed. As a result, it helps me to better concentrate, makes me focus more on my studies, and gives me some pretty brilliant ideas while talking to myself; and more important, it helps me pronouncing better my german language.

This could be the reason why most world’s great scholars and scientists come from France; especially Paris. When people talk to themselves, it does not mean that they are crazy. It means that they are genious.

Special message : when next time, people say « Are you crazy, why you talk to yourself?« , you answer « I don’t care what bitches say, I care what makes me feel better« .


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