13640990_10154433786133489_4803224680679373535_oYou’re  optimist and energetic who always smile. You’re interested in many things around you and always want to try something new, always. The most important thing is you love sharing, you share what you know, even you are not so sure of it. You try to plan ahead, you expect it will help you save time and energy, even it only saves 3 minutes of time. You like to help other people. You’re a generous person and you know how to share happiness, for example : you make jokes even you are not feeling well or through social volunteer work.
You’re a strong and determined person, but you cry very fast. Bad thing about you is that you don’t stand firm on your feet but , of course, move forward bravely. « I do enjoy every moment of life », it’s your quote. You never give up that easily! You will definitely get a well-deserved award afterwards.
You’re one of those people who don’t keep their problems inside and can talk openly about them with others, and you tend to find a solution together, even to strangers.
You are very individual. If you work in team, the team must be a small team. You are supportive of your family. But you always think that you give more than you get.