Talking with dad today about his career and so on. Then he told me this: when our family first moved to live in phnom penh. It was a though moment of our family. My brothers and sisters were all in the hospital. Dad had no money. He had no actual job. So he became a taxi driver for little money to support family and hospital fee. He was driving home one night and picked up a man for a free ride. The man barely spoke during the ride.  As he got out, he thanked and told dad that he would answer any question to repay my dad’s kindness. So dad asked « my kids are all sick.  When would they be relief? » The man replied « They are going to be relief after the death of your youngest daughter. ». Dad drove off angrily. 2 days later, it was a very sad moment for us, my younger sister died (so i became the youngest). What surprised my dad was, after that, everyonz in the family got better and left the hospital. My dad was regret that he didn’t ask why we were all sick ».


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