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juin 2017

Fun vs Sex

IMG_0356If there’s something else that feels better than SEX, it’s probably a FUN. That’s why sex is often replaced by fun. And that’s why FUN becomes an extra-special-SEX. Sex can often be fun, but what makes sex actually become fun?

The story began a century ago, during probably Angorian era. Sex between 2 women is a beautiful thing. But most people think of “sex” as penetrative intercourse between man’s weapon and woman’s something. They, perhaps, confused a bit how that works between woman and woman since there is no penis. They may think that kind of sex isn’t satisfying. To clarify some misinformation, let me get you to the point. Sex means different things to different people. It is something most people enjoy and find meaningful, even if they create meaning in different ways. Sex is cosmopolitan. Not all sex is the same, even if it is with the same person. Sometimes, it is chocolate. Sometimes, it is bitter. Sometimes, it is quick. Sometimes, it is slow and so on. Totally, sex is not about putting penis inside the hole. Sex is not just vaginal intercourse. Sex is pretty much anything that feels sexual. It is about “LOVE”. It’s about feeling that you like to do something. And when you do it, you are happy. Years and years, people has created another term called “fun” to describe an unusual “sex”, such as oral sex, anal sex, solo sex, toy-sex..


Love story at ITC

dfA boy and a girl were in the French class together at Institut de Technologie du Cambodge. The boy had a crush on her for very long time, but he had no courage to say it to her. He was not sure of how and what to say to her. One day, the french teacher was absent, others students left. It’s the moment that they both were alone  face to face. The boy managed to speak up to her:

Boy: Hey, you know what?
Girl: what?
Boy: You have a prettiest smile I have ever seen.

Girl was a bit nervous. Her eyes glittered. She paused for a moment and replied:

: « You know what? »

Boy: What?
Girl: This smile exists only because of you!


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