How to forget someone

19453130_10155562401583489_6968736256139874228_oDear Tit,

I am suffering from love. It’s tearing me apart inside whenever something reminds me of her. I love her totally, and I do not think that I will ever stop. She is haunting me everynight.  I am dreaming about her, about our souvenirs. I am writing to ask you some advice. Is it possible to force yourself to stop loving someone once you already started? Any advice?

Best regards,



Dear Sopha,

First, there is one thing you need to ask yourself before you say that you CAN”T. Do you WANT to? If the answer is YES, you simply do not know how to. If you find yourself in love with an ex or someone who doesn’t love you back. It is normal. It can be hard to stop loving someone, but with time, your wounds should heal. Here’s some advice to stop loving someone:

  1. Putting a distance between you and her. It’s a key of any situation.
  2. Telling yourself everyday that relationshop could not work and why so!
  3. Creating chances to look for others. It’s like you open the door and hang out. At this point, just prove to yourself that you can have eyes for others and others eye on you.
  4. Keeping yourself occupied when you start feeling her. It is a great wall that keeps you a bit distance for a while.
  5. Reducing contact such as deleting pictures, no phone calls, having excuses to decline offers to spend time together.





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