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A wiseman seldom writes in his mind, but take a picture.



I do enjoy every moment of my life, but one thing I do not enjoy with, is my uni. It’s gonna be harder, de rule’s gonna stricter, and de holiday’s gonna be shorter..What should I do? I can’t go away with it.

Greeting from Cambodia, Ti Tit.

Fun vs Sex

IMG_0356If there’s something else that feels better than SEX, it’s probably a FUN. That’s why sex is often replaced by fun. And that’s why FUN becomes an extra-special-SEX. Sex can often be fun, but what makes sex actually become fun?

The story began a century ago, during probably Angorian era. Sex between 2 women is a beautiful thing. But most people think of “sex” as penetrative intercourse between man’s weapon and woman’s something. They, perhaps, confused a bit how that works between woman and woman since there is no penis. They may think that kind of sex isn’t satisfying. To clarify some misinformation, let me get you to the point. Sex means different things to different people. It is something most people enjoy and find meaningful, even if they create meaning in different ways. Sex is cosmopolitan. Not all sex is the same, even if it is with the same person. Sometimes, it is chocolate. Sometimes, it is bitter. Sometimes, it is quick. Sometimes, it is slow and so on. Totally, sex is not about putting penis inside the hole. Sex is not just vaginal intercourse. Sex is pretty much anything that feels sexual. It is about “LOVE”. It’s about feeling that you like to do something. And when you do it, you are happy. Years and years, people has created another term called “fun” to describe an unusual “sex”, such as oral sex, anal sex, solo sex, toy-sex..

Love story at ITC

dfA boy and a girl were in the French class together at Institut de Technologie du Cambodge. The boy had a crush on her for very long time, but he had no courage to say it to her. He was not sure of how and what to say to her. One day, the french teacher was absent, others students left. It’s the moment that they both were alone  face to face. The boy managed to speak up to her:

Boy: Hey, you know what?
Girl: what?
Boy: You have a prettiest smile I have ever seen.

Girl was a bit nervous. Her eyes glittered. She paused for a moment and replied:

: « You know what? »

Boy: What?
Girl: This smile exists only because of you!


Invisible friend

904029_1478674169025530_182336642_oSince I was born, I’ve shared a room with my twin brother. It was fun to always have someone else in the room while sleeping. As I got older, I became more and more dissatisfied and wanted a whole room all to myself. And of course, something went wrong.
My parents are divorced when I was 12 years old. And so we lived seperately. I liked it because my wish was granted. I got my own private room.My life had also changed. I started to see someone sleeping in room. I told my father, he brought me to the mental health care center instead. I wanted to make sure I was not wrong, I intalled a camera in my room, and the result image shows clear that there was a dark shadow in human form slept next to me after I fell asleep.I decided to sleep with the light on. But this didn’t help. I can remember one day i woke up, I see that there was someone in my blanket.

Éléphant cloué

IMG_6096Un homme est allé au cirque. Il a vu un éléphant cloué avec une petite ficelle. Sans chaîne, sans cage, il n’a pas compris pourquoi l’éléphant n’essayait pas de s’échapper puisqu’il est évident qu’il peut sortir. l’homme a demandé à un dresseur et il a dit que les éléphants sont cloué dépuis ils sont petit. Ils essayaient plusieurs fois, mais raté. Quand ils deviennent vieux, ils croiyaient que c’est impossible de s’échapper. You ne savez pas que vous pouvez faire qu’une fois que vous essayez.

A man went to see circus. He saw an elephant was tied to a small robe. No chains, no cages, he didn’t understand why the elephant didn’t try to escape while it obviously could break free. He asked the trainer why and was told that the elephant was tied up since it was young. It tried many times but failed. So when it grew older, it believed that the robe could not be untied. You do not know what you can do, until you try.



rI met an old man this morning at around 7:30 AM at Calmet. He asked me if he could get my waiting number. He gave me a reason that he hurried because he wanted to finish quickly so he could get another appointment. I ask him what it was, he he proudly said that every morning at 9:00 AM at the hospital, he had breakfast with his wife. I asked what happened to his wife and he replied that for these few years, his wife had lost her memories and hadn’t known who he was. I said why he continued if she had no idea who he is and he replied « because I still know who she is ».


Talking with dad today about his career and so on. Then he told me this: when our family first moved to live in phnom penh. It was a though moment of our family. My brothers and sisters were all in the hospital. Dad had no money. He had no actual job. So he became a taxi driver for little money to support family and hospital fee. He was driving home one night and picked up a man for a free ride. The man barely spoke during the ride.  As he got out, he thanked and told dad that he would answer any question to repay my dad’s kindness. So dad asked « my kids are all sick.  When would they be relief? » The man replied « They are going to be relief after the death of your youngest daughter. ». Dad drove off angrily. 2 days later, it was a very sad moment for us, my younger sister died (so i became the youngest). What surprised my dad was, after that, everyonz in the family got better and left the hospital. My dad was regret that he didn’t ask why we were all sick ».


Took the train to Sihanoukville. Since it was all booked, I got on the night shift. I sat down opposite a woman who was sat between two men. I was not bothered by them but I felt a little strange that the girl seemed to be staring at me. I could not see very well since the girl wore a black shirt with the collar covered her head. Arrived Kampong Speu station, another man got it. First, he sat next to the gate. But then he came to sit next to me. He wispered to me  » get off the next station. It’s too dangerous. » I started shaking but I followed the man. Once i got off, he said  » that woman is dead. She jumped into the train just before i got into this train. Those 2 men were holding her ».

White cloth

44The feeling of seeing your neighbor from the hospital covered by a white clothe with a name on a card attached with her wrist. That card is normally placed on dead people.

1 day earlier:

Pros Pov Yi is a doctor working at night shift. On his way back to the groundfloor. He entered the elevator and there was just one person. That person was me. I was going to visit my neighbor. She delivered her son. When the elevator opened, a pregnant woman standing was about to enter. Pov slammed the button to close the door. I tried to stop him but it was too late. I blamed him by not letting that woman to enter and asked him why he didn’t let my neighbor enter the elevator. He said, « I operated that woman. She died during the operating »

Quand on es en couple

img_9568Un couple avait un problème à la maison et a décidé de ne pas se parler. Tout d’un coup, le garçon appris qu’il avait besoin de sa femme pour le réveiller le lendemain matin à 5 heures car il devait partir en avion pour un business important.

Quand il n’a pas voulu être le premier qui commence à parler (considéré comme un perdant), il a écrit sur une petite feuille « Réveille-moi à 5h,stp » et a collé sur le frigo ou sa femme pouvait la trouver.

Le lendemain matin, il s’est réveillé mais il était déjà 9 heures. Il a raté son vol. Il était très en colère. Il s’est levé et allé voir sa femme pourquoi elle ne l’a pas réveillé, mais il a trouvé sur le lit, une petite note de sa femme « il est 5 heures! Réveille-toi!« .

Love is blind!!

2-horzDin is a beautiful blind girl whom everyone hates her except, Vann, her boyfriend. Vann loves Din so much. There are countless time that he asks her to marry him. But Din always tells him « I would marry you honey if only I could see you ». Days pass. Then one day, Din is donated eyes. Vann is so excited to meet Din. He plans to propose her that day. When Din sees Vann, she is very shocked to find out that Vann is also blind.  Van asks « Will you marry me now? ».

Bebore you go through the story, now let me ask you something. What would you say if you were Din? No? Yes?

Din refuses Vann. Vann smiles and walk away saying « Take care of my eyes »

You maybe Tit, very Tit!

13640990_10154433786133489_4803224680679373535_oYou’re  optimist and energetic who always smile. You’re interested in many things around you and always want to try something new, always. The most important thing is you love sharing, you share what you know, even you are not so sure of it. You try to plan ahead, you expect it will help you save time and energy, even it only saves 3 minutes of time. You like to help other people. You’re a generous person and you know how to share happiness, for example : you make jokes even you are not feeling well or through social volunteer work.
You’re a strong and determined person, but you cry very fast. Bad thing about you is that you don’t stand firm on your feet but , of course, move forward bravely. « I do enjoy every moment of life », it’s your quote. You never give up that easily! You will definitely get a well-deserved award afterwards.
You’re one of those people who don’t keep their problems inside and can talk openly about them with others, and you tend to find a solution together, even to strangers.
You are very individual. If you work in team, the team must be a small team. You are supportive of your family. But you always think that you give more than you get.

People who talk to themselves are genious

13254897_10154308788338489_984063975006541879_oI have been to France once. I have seen a lot of people who talk to themselves on the streets, especially in Paris. I, first, thought they were crazy. But then I accidentally found that  experts had discovered that a conversation with yourself can be a route to achievement and success. « Why thinking outloud is usefull? We start to think faster.A conversation with yourself helps you concentrate.Saying to your thoughts out loud helps you to put them in order. Talking to yourself both calm you down and energize you. »I followed. As a result, it helps me to better concentrate, makes me focus more on my studies, and gives me some pretty brilliant ideas while talking to myself; and more important, it helps me pronouncing better my german language.

This could be the reason why most world’s great scholars and scientists come from France; especially Paris. When people talk to themselves, it does not mean that they are crazy. It means that they are genious.

Special message : when next time, people say « Are you crazy, why you talk to yourself?« , you answer « I don’t care what bitches say, I care what makes me feel better« .

I wish there is an earthquake..! So that my school is destroyed and I don’t need to go to school anymore!!!

5-vert00Dear brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, friends,
I apologize for my silliness of wishing an earthquake strikes my school. It’s cruel. How could I think of that..! I have been blind by laziness for once, which result a bad thinking. Please forgive me! I promise that I would never ever ever think of it again. At the same time, I would like to take this opportunity to change my wish from an earthquake to a fire. I wish there is a fire, very super strong  (the unstopable one), to burn down my school, even all the books inside. So that my school is destroyed and I don’t need to go to school anymore!!! Dear god, if you grant me that wish, I’ll invite you for a coffee. Mech del?


Cambodia fits your personality?


Cambodia is small and beautiful with lots of bizarre things to do and explore, and there’s absolutely no reason why you should live and die in the same place where you were born.

Now let’s take a quick test to find out if Cambodia fits you best:

  1. During the lunch break, Cambodian prefer drinking ice tea or fruit shake. After work, a glass of wine is preferable.
  2. Cliffy coastal with tropical beach is often chosen for the weekend holidays.
  3. The favorite hobbies are a bit various. Cambodian may love going out on the town for drinks and dancing, or biking around the city or having a good book at the historic monuments.
  4. What opic are you most passionate about? Art? Philosophy? These are Cambodia.
  5. Artistic and fun describe Cambodia perfectly.
  6. Going to the rooftop party and having deep conversation about everything appeal the activities of Cambodian.
  7. If you could describe life in one phrase, what would it be? Life is an art, life is a journey?

Cambodian aren’t an individual or isolated type. They love being with friends or family talking about their difficulties, life, love. They enjoys the finer things in life, and love to surround themself with beautiful things. Cambodian give a deep appreciation for urban architecture. Cambodian would perhaps be described as a modernist, who appreciates culture and diversity, but enjoys the comforts of a simple decorated home and green living open space.


ថI live in the most peaceful period in human history. It’s the best moment to live a life on the planet. Never before have so few people fight each other. Most people want harmony.  The world is working very hard together to keep each other fed and safe. I live in the most educated, literate period in human history. More knowledge has been piled-up and stored in the past 20 years. Most of us could live a long, long time. Life expectancy has never been as long as it is now. That means more time to meet each other, help each other, and figure out how to make it a better world for everyone. The greatest things offered like this; who wants to die?

You do not know the feeling of dying in young age. I’m only 23, so there are still many things to be explored. I know everyone dies, everything dies, nothing lasts forever. I am not afraid of dying. I know everything could happen. I dare to across the street or walking out of my house without hesitating. Why would I be afraid of fading away?

It all started just over 2 weeks ago I had a seriously stomach pain followed by my whole body getting weaker until I pee blood. After that I haven’t been right. I went to visit the doctor. I was suspected to have a cancer. It was like a nightmare I couldn’t really explain and living through something like this. I am writing this because I  want to share hope to those who are going through the same hardships as I am right now. I was super scared at first. I cried, and cried. I could not eat anything and it was that I was not able to eat but I didn’t want to eat. My health got worse. My friends had made a joke to comfort me. My dad search all the traditional herbs for me. My mum visits all the best doctors for more advice! My brothers and sisters google for food which kill cancer. After seeing all these tireless works for me, it gives me hope! I know if I fight, I will make it through. No matter what the result is, I am not losing hope.

A wiseman seldom writes in his mind, but shoot a picture..

Ghost that captured in the caméra

IMG_5738klDo you believe in ghosts? I don’t know now. My mother caught my brother’s last video recorded with a scary ghost behind  him. The story goes back to 2015 in Battambang. It’s when my family had first moved into the old house that we bought and were really excited about it. My brother thought of preserving this memory by recording video of his speech everyday in the new home. But after  my brother’s death, we know so little that there was someone else joining in with my brother.


Le bonheur est un choix

I am in charge of how I feel, and today I choose happiness

Le bonheur est un choix. On peut choisir à être joyeux. Il y a tout de temps de stress. Il y a toujours de malheur mais c’est notre choix si on le laisse à nous effectuer. On a de choix  de comment on vit notre vie. Même si la vie est composée beaucoup de malheureux, il ne veut rien dire qu’on ne peut pas vivre sans misérable.  Le bonheur est un choix qu’on fait et créé pour nous-même. Le bonheur ne vient pas des autres qui nous donne le feu vert. Mais il vient de dedans, de l’intérieur. Le bonheur ne vient pas à nous, mais il viens de nous. Il y a beaucoup de personnes qui vivent heureusement avec rien du tout.

Effet, il y a 4 facteurs qui nous amènent des malheureux :

  1. Demander: parfois on attend les autres trop parce-qu’on est prêt de faire beaucoup pour eux.
  2. Égoïste: on manque une considération pour les autres. On oublie l’amitié. On  ne veut plus d’avoir des amis. On ne veut que les clients.
  3. Jalousie: il faut qu’on supprime ce facteur. C’est lui qui nous séduit de faire mal au autres.
  4. Passé: Quand

Death fell in love with Life.

12615385_10153979049208489_6174470210561237054_oOnce apon a time, there was a Death lived alone in a forest far far away. He was very happy to bring lives to death. One touch from Death, nothing can survive, not even flower. In the same forest, there was a girl who lived alone. Girl never sees Death .And Death never meets girls either. One day, while the girl was sleeping, Death saw her. Death looked at her face and fell in love. Death forgot everything and spent hours/days/weeks hiding in the bush to watch her. He saw her playing around with other animals, he saw her eats, runs, sleeps.. The more he looked, the more he fell in love.

After months, the girl accidentaly saw Death. She fell in love with Death too. They both talked, laughed, played with each other. The girl made umbrella for the Death to protect the sun, so Death could walk under the sun. Death protected girls from other cruel animals. They both loved each other.  One day, girl asked Death to hold each other’s hand for once, even she knew she would die afterwards. Death didn’t agree at first, but since girl insisted; he agreed. The girl died while holding Death’s hand. She was very happy. For the love, just holding hand for once in a life time is enough!

« Everyone says love is blind. But I say  life is blind without love »

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