My father’s heart

Once I was 12 years old, I asked my dad what he was going to get me for my 15th birthday. My father replied "My present to you is all MY HEART". Last month was my 18th birthday. I fainted and was rushed to the hospital. The doctor came out ant told me that I... Lire la suite →


Actor vs Politician

I have recently returned from Siem Reap. While I was there, I took a Tuk Tuk. He took me around the whole of Siem Reap and Angkor Wat temples. At each temple, he told me histories et legends..etc. We became close friends. Then he started asking about me. Driver : What are you studying? Me... Lire la suite →

How to forget someone

Dear Tit, I am suffering from love. It’s tearing me apart inside whenever something reminds me of her. I love her totally, and I do not think that I will ever stop. She is haunting me everynight.  I am dreaming about her, about our souvenirs. I am writing to ask you some advice. Is it... Lire la suite →

Fun vs Sex

If there's something else that feels better than SEX, it's probably a FUN. That's why sex is often replaced by fun. And that’s why FUN becomes an extra-special-SEX. Sex can often be fun, but what makes sex actually become fun? The story began a century ago, during probably Angorian era. Sex between 2 women is... Lire la suite →

Love story at ITC

A boy and a girl were in the French class together at Institut de Technologie du Cambodge. The boy had a crush on her for very long time, but he had no courage to say it to her. He was not sure of how and what to say to her. One day, the french teacher... Lire la suite →

Invisible friend

Since I was born, I’ve shared a room with my twin brother. It was fun to always have someone else in the room while sleeping. As I got older, I became more and more dissatisfied and wanted a whole room all to myself. And of course, something went wrong. My parents are divorced when I... Lire la suite →

Éléphant cloué

Un homme est allé au cirque. Il a vu un éléphant cloué avec une petite ficelle. Sans chaîne, sans cage, il n'a pas compris pourquoi l'éléphant n'essayait pas de s'échapper puisqu'il est évident qu'il peut sortir. l'homme a demandé à un dresseur et il a dit que les éléphants sont cloué dépuis ils sont petit.... Lire la suite →


I met an old man this morning at around 7:30 AM at Calmet. He asked me if he could get my waiting number. He gave me a reason that he hurried because he wanted to finish quickly so he could get another appointment. I ask him what it was, he he proudly said that every... Lire la suite →


Talking with dad today about his career and so on. Then he told me this: when our family first moved to live in phnom penh. It was a though moment of our family. My brothers and sisters were all in the hospital. Dad had no money. He had no actual job. So he became a... Lire la suite →

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